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invergordon 1972

The Roots N°1

For our inaugural release, we got our hands on a 49 year old Invergordon.

This single grain was bottled in March 2022 at a natural cask strength of 40,3%. This whisky matured in a barrel and gave us 60 bottles.



  • Single Grain Scotch Whisky
  • Distilled 12/1972
  • Bottled 03/2022
  • 49 Years Old
  • Natural Cask Strength – 40,3%
  • Natural Color
  • Non Chillfiltered
  • Matured in a barrel
  • 60 bottles

maison prunier 1940

The Roots N°2

We paired our Invergordon up with a very old and complex Cognac Grande Champagne from the renownded cognac house “Prunier”.

Distilled in 1940, this is liquid history in a bottle. This beauty spent 81 years inside its wooden house before being filled into a bottle, labeled by The Roots.

Bottled at natural cask strength of 55% and an exclusive edition of 42 bottles.



  • Cognac Grande Champagne
  • Distilled 1940
  • Bottled 2021
  • 81 Years Old
  • Natural Cask Strength – 55%
  • Natural Color
  • Non Chillfiltered
  • 42 bottles

bellevue 1998

The Roots N°3

We wanted to show the diversity of our roots.

A very old single grain and an ancient cognac could easily be paired up with a well aged rum from a former French colony.

Bottled at 51,5% and aged for 24 years in a refill barrel that proudly yielded us 115 bottles.



  • Rum de Guadeloupe
  • Distilled 1998
  • Bottled 2022
  • 24 Years Old
  • Natural Cask Strength – 51,5%
  • Natural Color
  • Non Chillfiltered
  • Matured in a refill barrel N°25
  • 115 bottles

Domaine de baraillon 1976

The Roots N°4

The fourth release is quite special because this is the first independent bottling of Bas-Armagnac from the renowned ‘Domaine de Baraillon’ in Belgium.

Bottled at 44% and aged for 45 years in a barrique yielded us 75 bottles.



  • Bas-Armagnac Domaine de Baraillon
  • Distilled 1976
  • Bottled 2022
  • 45 Years Old
  • Natural Cask Strength – 44%
  • Natural Color
  • Non Chillfiltered
  • Matured in barrique N°6
  • 75 bottles


The Roots N°5

Single malt whisky has always been my first love. It took some time but here it is, our first single malt scotch whisky as an independent bottler.

A rather old Old Rhosdhu from the Loch Lomond distillery.

Did you know that Old Rhosdhu isn’t produced anymore since 2000? This makes it even more special.

Bottled at 50,8% and aged for 29 years in a hogshead that proudly yielded us 223 bottles.



  • Single Malt Scotch Whisky
  • Distilled 1993
  • Bottled 2022
  • 29 Years Old
  • Natural Cask Strength – 50,8%
  • Natural Color
  • Non Chillfiltered
  • Matured in a hogshead
  • 223 bottles

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