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‘Don’t live by quantity, live by quality’

The Roots is an independent bottler of the finer spirits such as whisky, rum, cognac and armagnac. In a world where quantity reigns supreme, we go back to the roots. Never ever a compromise will be made in the search for quality. The satisfaction of bottling a beautiful spirit is what it’s all about.

If It’s not love at first sight, it won’t carry ‘The Roots’ label. Everything is carefully chosen with a lot of passion and dedication. We also go for our spirits in their purest form such as natural color, unchillfiltered and preferably bottled at cask strength. You won’t be disappointed, that’s a promise!

Latest releases

And our roots are still growing!

invergordon 1972


Aged for almost half a century, this Invergordon will take you on a magical trip to Wonderland. Take your time and let yourself be overwhelmed by an explosion of flavours. Some vanilla custard, coco-cream and caramelized sugar next to a delicious fruit platter with some tropical fruits will make you feel like you’re in a fairytale. 

maison prunier 1940


Distilled in 1940, this bottle is a piece of history filled with what we like to call ‘Elegance’. This Cognac ‘Grande Champagne’ offers you a tremendous balance between oak influence and fruitiness. A smooth sweetness with a burst of mango and passion fruits will guide you up the stairs to heaven. A genie in a bottle!

bellevue 1998


Distilled in Guadeloupe, this rum takes you on a trip into tropical paradise. Notes of mango, honey and mashed bananas combined with fresh leather, old books and some black olives welcome you. An oily mouthfeel, overripe pineapple and mango combined with a funky edge, seal the deal. After one sip, this beauty won’t let you go!

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