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‘Don’t live by quantity, live by quality’

The Roots is an independent bottler of the finer spirits such as whisky, rum, cognac and armagnac. In a world where quantity reigns supreme, we go back to the roots. Never ever a compromise will be made in the search for quality. The satisfaction of bottling a beautiful spirit is what it’s all about.

If It’s not love at first sight, it won’t carry ‘The Roots’ label. Everything is carefully chosen with a lot of passion and dedication. We also go for our spirits in their purest form such as natural color, unchillfiltered and preferably bottled at cask strength. You won’t be disappointed, that’s a promise!

Latest releases

And our roots are still growing!

foursquare 2008


In the land where the trident of Poseidon can be found on the flag, hails the Foursquare distillery. In 2008 this beautiful liquid was taken from both the column and pot stills to be united in a cask for 14 years. Sweet and fruity can describe this pure and golden gem. It will give you notes of plumbs, ripe tropical fruits and orange liqueur with an overall sweet layer. If paradise could be bottled…

HD 2012


From a distillery often referred to as ‘The Great House’, we bring you this Jamaican Rum in all its purity. The smell of paint thinner, olive tapenade, the taste of briny lemon zest and pencil shavings. A rum to sit back and explore as there is a lot going on with a seemingly endless finish. The feeling of the sea; calm, clear blue sky, bright sunlight, but waves still crash against the nearby rocks.

ledaig 2007


On the Isle of Mull, over 15 years ago, a cask was filled with a liquid that gives us notes of butterscotch, lit cigar, sweet and dirty peat smoke, pecans and rubber. The balance between the cask and the spirit is so well integrated that it will take you to paradise. Some tropical fruits are making their way in the background. Waves crashing in on the rocky shore, only to calm down when the sunlight slowly fades.

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