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The Roots is an independent bottler of the finer spirits such as whisky, rum, cognac and armagnac. In a world where quantity reigns supreme, we go back to the roots. Never ever a compromise will be made in the search for quality. The satisfaction of bottling a beautiful spirit is what it’s all about.

If It’s not love at first sight, it won’t carry ‘The Roots’ label. Everything is carefully chosen with a lot of passion and dedication. We also go for our spirits in their purest form such as natural color, unchillfiltered and preferably bottled at cask strength. You won’t be disappointed, that’s a promise!

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famille cabanne lot50


In a dim cellar, amid slumbering barrels, a 1950 Petite Champagne cognac rests. Ambered by age, it holds a spirit rich with history. The seal’s gentle whisper releases the aroma of distant memories.

The cognac’s golden-brown hue swirls with the grace of old rivers. As it touches the lips, the room grows still. Dried apricots, tropical fruits and a hint of mint mingle with traces of leather and tobacco.

Each sip is a journey back in time, a taste of sunlit vineyards and whispered stories. This liquid gold warms the soul, a fleeting glimpse of timeless grace.


Diamond 2003


A masterpiece born of time, tradition, and distilled in the iconic Savalle still. From the moment you uncork the bottle, you’re greeted with a symphony of aromas.

Each sip reveals a journey through layers of flavor and even the finish is long and satisfying, leaving you with the lingering warmth of a Guyanese sunset.

This shining diamond is the essence of Guyana, captured in a bottle and waiting to convey you to the heart of the Caribbean. No mather how you feel, this a rum that speaks to the soul and tells a story with every pour.

T.D.L. 2009


Immerse yourself in the sunlit charm near the house of Angostura in Trinidad & Tobago where this rum aged for a decade under the tropical sky.

From the moment the first drop touches your glass, the air fills itself with the heady sweetness of ripe peaches and freshly cut mangoes.

The warmth of the Caribbean weaves through every drop, delivering a smooth, velvety finish that leaves a lingering whisper of sunshine. Experience this golden elixir and let it carry you away to a tropical paradise.

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