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“Sometimes life takes an unexpected twist”


The Roots as an independent bottler

At the end of 2020, the world stood still for a few moments. I received the news that my girlfriend’s cancer had metastasized to a point where there was not much we could do anymore. Mother nature took over and the days were count.

Coping with loss means that you are reminded not to postpone things you really want to do in your life. Chase your dreams and dare to try cause life is a one way ticket, there’s no return.

After being fascinated by whisky and spirits for many years, the time has come to take my passion to the next level.

The Roots will bring both whisk(e)y and malternatives such as rum, cognac and armagnac to the bigger public, keeping one thing in mind:

Don’t live by quantity, live by Quality


Never ever a compromise will be made for quality


Everything is done with a lot of passion and dedication


Always go for spirits in their purest form

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